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Influenced by real occasions, The Devils Tree follows Samantha, an university student studying journalism, who has to complete her thesis with one last breaking newspaper article. In addition to her pal Rob, Samantha comes across a news short article about an old tree in a regional park where lots of dreadful acts happened. The residents have actually offered the tree the name Devils Tree due to the fact that of its urban myths of mass murders, hellish routines, and paranormal activity. She chooses this is the ideal story to complete her thesis on. As Sam digs deeper into the world of the tree, she starts to reveal the reality about these urban myths. Battling with her own satanic forces of her past, Samantha is faced with a the real devil of the tree and now need to expose the reality in want to set it complimentary. In the end, Samantha establishes the genuine reason evil is so rooted at The Devils Tree.

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